The Importance Of Mould Removal When You Have Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a condition that is concerning at all times, but people with cystic fibrosis have to be super careful when they are exposed to mould, especially when it is in their homes. Here's what you need to know if you or your family member has cystic fibrosis and there is mould in your home.  Mould Can Grow In the Lungs and Cause Aspergillosis Mould spores can be inhaled into the lungs where they can grow.

How To Remove Deep Seated Odors From Your Carpet This Spring

If you have an area of your carpet that just seems to smell horrible, make sure you add removing the odor to your spring cleaning checklist. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting deep-seated odors out of your carpet. The Baking Soda Method The first method you should try is the baking soda method. Baking soda is well known for neutralizing smells, and it will not harm your carpet.

Taking Care Of Your Business' Floors When Winter Precipitation Is Abundant

When winter precipitation is prevalent, the floors in your business are bound to take a beating more than they do in the summer. Customers and employees will most likely track in remnants of snow, ice, salt, and sand from the outdoors into your establishment. There are several steps you can take to alleviate the effects of these components on your flooring. Here are some tips to incorporate into your cleaning routine to keep your floors in the best of shape year round.

Flooded Floors? How And When To Save Them

After water damage, deciding whether to keep damaged floors can be a big -- and expensive -- decision. How can you be sure it's safe to clean and restore carpets, hardwoods or underlayment? While you don't want to waste money buying all new materials, you also don't want to risk further damage or health problems.  Here are tips for deciding what to keep and what to get rid of after water floods your carpets or wood floors.

Extreme Chef Makeover: Lift Your Restaurant's Image With New Uniform Management

In the gastronomy business, you polish your image by updating your dining areas and fine-tuning your menu. To take your upgrades all the way to the top, give your restaurant's staff a fresh look by making across-the-board uniform changes. Being proactive in outfitting your staff not only increases your establishment's prestige and professionalism, it benefits your food safety program while setting you apart from the competition. You build prestige by paying attention to the details.